Reclaim Seed nyc covid-19 response

Prior to the pandemic, we were out here getting seeds to the people. After the pandemic, we'll return to getting seeds to the people in person. During this time we are working with @quenosepierdalasemilla @cuirkitchenbrigade @greenthumbgrows @the_c_u_r_b and @coopgardens to support food access and health through free seed distribution to individuals and communities. In-person seed library hours at the King Manor Museum have been suspended indefinitely. You may request seed for local pick-up or by mail via the form below. Exact pickup location will be disclosed at request confirmation. If you need your seeds mailed to you, a donation of $8.30 is required to cover the cost of shipping your seeds. 

Seed saving is critical to food and seed sovereignty. As you grow your own food, consider saving your own seed. Click on the resources page for more information about how to grow seed-to-seed. 

COVID-19 Seed Distribution Request Form


The following seed kits are available: 


Garden Basics Kit: bean, leafy greens, summer and winter squash, tomato, pepper (hot and sweet), assorted herbs, carrots


Booker T. Whatley Celebration Kit: collard, okra, tomato, sweet pepper, hot pepper, turnip, mustard greens, cowpea


Latinx Kit: cilantro, tomato, hot pepper, sweet pepper, bean, lettuce, squash, marigold, huacatay


Caribbean Foodways Kit: hot pepper, sweet pepper, cilantro, bean, squash, green onion, oregano, eggplant


Tea & Medicinals Kit: echinacea, calendula, mint variety, tulsi, ashwagandah, great mullein, sage, anise hyssop, motherwort


Container Growing Kit: peas, leafy greens, radish, beet, dwarf tomato, bush bean, basil


Canning Kit: tomato, cucumber, snap bean, beet, cabbage, radish, dill, basil

Just Greens Kit: lettuces, leafy greens, herbs

Limit one kit per household.

Seed Distribution Requests Temporarily Suspended Due to Overwhelming Demand


Your seed request has been submitted.


HEADS UP NYC: FREE SOIL, SEED, AND SKILLS!!! During times of economic crisis, the ability to grow your own food is crucial. In NYC, due to space and cost constraints, that’s not always easy. We are here to help.

Milk Crate Gardens is a coalition of individuals and collectives from across NYC working in solidarity and mutual aid to provide portable growing containers, seeds, knowledge and skill sharing to New Yorkers with minimal land access who want to grow their own food and medicine. We are working to rehome 2700+ milk crate gardens that were once part of the Terminal 5 Farm at JFK.

The coalition includes Cuir Kitchen Brigade @cuirkitchenbrigade, Reclaim Seed NYC @reclaimseednyc, The Collaborative Urban Resilience Banquet @the_c_u_r_b , Cooperative Gardens Commission @coopgardens, King Manor Museum @kingmanormuseum, UniverseCity @universecitynyc, Mutual Aid NYC @mutualaidnyc@hibiscus__flower@lucylaser@farmclout ...and you!

If you would like to receive some crates for your stoop, fire escape, yard, roof, etc... click here CRATE REQUEST. If you could help us in distributing these crates to households throughout Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and the LES, please fill out the VOLUNTEER REQUEST. OR fill out both! If you are able to donate funds to help us pay for box trucks, labor and materials, please venmo us at LucyLesser and add #milkcrategardens as a comment.

We'll need help at every step of the chain and we have a lot of crates to re-home.  We are aiming to start breaking down the site and delivering crates the first week of May once the crest of Covid has hopefully passed. When times get tough New Yorkers get creative, so let's get growing! If you have questions DM me here or email us at milkcrategardens@gmail

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